2010 - VE Day +65
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VE Day 65 years on
VE Day anniversary

2010 marked the 65th Anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) which was announced 8th May 1945. This long awaited day prompted the British public to take to the streets in celebration of peace.

As we approached the 66th Anniversary of D-Day in June 2010, it was noted that Saturday 8th May would be the 65th Anniversary of VE Day, Victory in Europe. After close consultation, D-Day Revisited joined with the Thornton Hough Village Trust to host a special tribute ‘street party’ was on the Village Green. Tuning this with a veterans’ visit to the local Primary School, this event certainly raised awareness of the younger generation to the challenges of the 1940s faced by their grandparents’ generation.

On the day the green was packed with lines of tressle tables in the typical street party fashion and everyone was invited to bring their own picnic! Period military and civilian vehicles were on display as well as a working Spitfire! There was live wartime entertainment and sing-a-longs, traditional 1940s children’s games and a themed fancy dress competition!

This was a whole village event with the local primary school, the WI and the two Churches keen to be involved. In the week leading up to the Anniversary D-Day Revisited took eight veterans to Thornton Hough Primary School to speak to the children about their wartime experiences.

Many WWII veterans attended the event and were keen to join in the sing-a-long with lady singers "Company B"!

We might have benefitted from a bit more sunshine, but the British stiff upper lip prevailed and despite the cold weather we've had lots of positive feedback since the event. It seems the nostalgic family day out was enjoyed by all!