Here at D-Day Revisited we often joke that when our Chairman, John Phipps, turns to us and says “I’ve had an idea…” we immediately tense up and resist the instinct to flee! He has a lot of ideas. It was his idea back in 2009 to set up a charity to help D-Day veterans travel back to Normandy each year and we think that’s worked out pretty well! These ideas certainly keep us on our toes, but most importantly they make our pilgrimages to Normandy really special for the veterans who come along with us.

Sometimes we stray into new territory. One such example was deciding to take on a wartime Motor Anti-Submarine Boat, which was residing in Somerset in a very poor state, and restore it to its former glory in time for the 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019. We did and we are! In this section we will share regular updates on the MASB 27 Restoration project, so you can watch as we bring this veteran boat back to life.

MASB 27 Restoration

Other ongoing projects are aimed at recording and capturing our veteran friends and their unique stories to hold in safe keeping for future generations. Our Secretary & Treasurer, Victoria Phipps, is a photographer in her other life and is building a collection of portraits of each veteran who travels back to Normandy with D-Day Revisited.

Portrait Project

Alongside this Portrait Project, she also intends to begin compiling a collection of film interviews in which veterans will have the opportunity to record their memories on camera. For some years we have been collecting veteran accounts and sharing them on this website in written word and we will continue to do this. However, we recognise the way information and stories are conveyed and absorbed is changing, and so we are excited about letting the veterans speak to you directly through our Interview Project.