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My father led French Canadians troops on to Juno Beach.

My late father, Jim Baker, was at D-Day. He was on Juno Beach and led the French Canadians in to shore. He was aged just 21 at the time. He was awarded the DSM and, more recently, the Legion d'Honneur. By the 8th of June he was at Omaha beach and did 22 landings with the Americans there. Thank you for sharing his story.

Posted by Shelly Sayer
Date 30.08.17
My father was a Pegasus Bridge Veteran.

My father, Cpl Aeb Sansome, was at Pegasus Bridge. He was a soldier in the 6th Airborne Regiment and remembered holding a 4-year-old Arlette Gondrée in his arms that day - 6th June 1944.

Posted by Paul B Sansome
Date 30.08.17
Our Veterans are some of the Greatest People of all time!

At the American Legion Squadron I belong to in Ohio there are a few men who were at D Day. I have so much respect for them. One of greatest honors I have ever had was taking part in giving them and other WWII Vets a 75th year WWII appreciation medal. They are truly some of the greatest people of all time.

Posted by Jeff Moore
Date 12.04.17