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Chicken Dinner!

My Uncle was a Canadian Paratrooper and carried a sten in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. He said his group landed on a farm where there were chickens running around freely. All the men were hungry, so he put the silencer on his sten gun... he said the only thing he could hear was the bolt clicking back and forth as feathers were flying everywhere. They all ate well that night!

Posted by Ernie
Date 13.02.17
My boss was Chief Metallurgist involved in Operation Pluto

I worked as a trainee metallurgist at Stewarts & Lloyds steelworks in the mid 1960s. The pipes used in Operation Pluto were produced here and my boss at the time, Paul Whittaker, had been the Chief Metallurgist involved in the project. Later on I remember a pub in Corby was named The Pluto.

Posted by John Richards
Date 22.07.16
My father landed on Gold Beach on D-Day with the DLI

My father Gordon Banks landed at Gold Beach on D-Day with the 6th Durham Light Infantry. I first visited Gold Beach in 2009 and after reading many books about the landings there, came across one which had a picture of troops marching along a lane on D-Day itself. I have since identified the lane in Crepon and visited there in 2013. It remains almost the same as 1944. Sadly Dad died in 1991 and never went back to Normandy.

Posted by Tony Banks
Date 21.04.16